It's safe, NotSafeMoon.

This is not your normal "moon" coin. No lopsided liquidity dumps. No sending LP tokens to devs. 6% reflection to hodlrs. 2% true burn on every transaction. "Moon" coin analytics dashboard for all your accounts and coins.

Token Address: 0x337e35Ed5B38D5C7Ec9F8d7cF78fe7F43d7DEC6F
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No Lopsided Liquidity

"Contributing" to a liquidity pool doesn't work if it's one sided. This destroys the value of the token in the same way a "whale" selling does.

No LP Token Hoarding

What the devs of other projects don't tell you... Most keep the LP tokens for withdrawing liquidity at a later date. Some hold over 30% of the liquidity tokens!

Rewards to Humans. Not Robots.

Sending rewards to the liquidity pool cuts into holders rewards and lopsides the pool.

No Free Rides on Your Gas

Every "moon" coin we tested makes you pay the gas if they need to do a lopsided liquidity dump and you are the next one to make a transaction. You end up paying 4x-5x the normal gas.

No Secrets

All dev wallet addresses are published and open for anyone to view. 2% of the initial supply is held in a separate wallet for marketing and promos to fund continued growth. The remaining tokens were burned at Presale. (marketing tokens may be burned if decided upon by the community)

True Ongoing Burns.

Most "burn" addresses don't have incoming transactions after the presale. The 2% burn fee is sent to the burn address on every transaction, verifiable on the blockchain. No sending rewards directly to burn. Those rewards are yours.


Original Supply

14% Initial Burn

8% Tax on Transactions

6% Redistributed to Holders
2% True Burn

Profit from Holding

Holders are rewarded with a 6% transaction tax which puts NotSafeMoon directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.

"Moon" Coin Dashboard

The dashboard connects directly to the blockchain using your wallet (MetaMask, etc.) Check the balances in real time for all your "moon" coins in one spot. HODL'rs of NotSafeMoon will have access to advanced analytics built on top of the same system running byrdeBot, our Price Predicting Twitter Bot. View reflection gains, liquidity pool reserve balances, fee and reward exclusion data, "moon" dev token and LP token balances, estimated time until a token's liquidity dump.... too much to list!

The AstroNot


  • Release Technical Analysis of “Moon” Coins

    Planning phase for NotSafeMoon Mooncoin Dashboard

    Launch Beta Moon Tracker Dashboard

  • Complete Presale and Begin Trading on PancakeSwap

    Release the byrdeBot. Price Predicting Twitter Bot

    Listing on Crypto Tracking Websites (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, BscScan) and ramp up Marketing

    Launch V1 of the “Moon” Coin tracking Dashboard

  • Focused Marketing Push and Team Expansion

    Expand the tracking dashboard with advanced analytics and a multi-chain coin yield monitoring platform with NotSafeMoon as the core token

  • A Super secret new use case for tokens that pairs nicely with the NotSafeMoon dashboard.... shhhhhhh

    Exchange Listings - Launch the token on a public exchange platform that meets the requirements of properly implimenting the tokenomics of the NotSafeMoon contract for all holders on and off the exchange.


A smart contract on the Binance Chain that aims to fix the flaws within SafeMoon and its forks.

The burns are handled as internal transactions on the contract. Depending on how a website retrieves the balance data, they will either add up all external transactions or they will ask the token contract for the balance. BscScan adds the external transactions and doesn't update the displayed balances until another external transaction is made. (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001)


Minimum of 8%. Usually, 9%-10% works best.


Pancake Pair:



Contract Owner / Burn Address:

Contract Deployer:

Marketing & Related Expenses Wallet:

We know it's a developer wallet because the contract code is written in a way that the LP tokens get sent to the contract owner. The owner of the contract is set by default to be the private wallet address who deployed the contract. Some tokens do renounce ownership, thereby sending the LP tokens to a "burn" address of which no private keys exist, but in the case of SafeMoon and many others, the contract owner is still the original, privately held, unlocked, developer wallet.

0x Addresses & Official Links

Token Contract
Liquidity Pool PancakePair (v2)

Pre-Sale liquidity locked for 20 years.

Marketing & Expenses

A wallet was set aside with 2% of the original supply for marketing and other related expenses (web hosting, outsourcing work, etc). The marketing wallet is 100% transparent and all transactions are noted in the comments section of BscScan.


14% of the original supply was burned at the pre-sale. Every transaction has a 2% fee that is sent directly to the burn wallet.